The Most Basic Things Before Buying Sneakers

Sneakers are one type of shoe that is currently a trend. Prices of sneaker shoes for men and women sold vary according to the type.


Sneakers can be defined as shoes with flexible rubber soles. While the top of leather or canvas. Sneaker shoes have many fans around the world so it’s no wonder if many sellers are peddling this product. One of them through the online shop. Here you can find various sneakers according to your taste. However, do you know? There are several terms when we buy sneakers. Let’s take a look at the meaning of the following terms before buying sneakers through an online shop!

Sneakers BNIB

BNIB (Brand New In Box) is a condition of new goods that you usually get from an authorized provider/distributor. The condition of the goods is still sealed. The goods are in very good shape because they are exactly like they came out of the factory and have not been opened.

In short, with the code, BNIB guarantee sneaker shoes are the same as the goods in the official store.

The selling price of sneakers is also relatively normal. Usually, this item has the same article code that is in the shoe box sneakers. Lucky you if you find this characteristic, definitely your original sneakers!

Sneakers  BNWB

Brand New With Replace Box (BNWB) is a shoe that is sold in the absence of box. Replaced with another box (replace box) with the same brand. Usually, shoes with this code are sold at a price below the official price.

Sometimes the size tag is the size of the fake (replace tag). Which only serves as a gift of shoe size so that the code is not congenital.

This BNWB does not have features like BNIB to determine which sneakers we buy is genuine or not. If comparing the price of sneaker shoes listed with official price is also difficult. Generally, BNWB goods are actually the nation’s own production and commonly called sneaker KW shoes.

Sneakers  BNWOB

Brand New Without Box is sneaker shoes are sold without cardboard. The price of this sneaker shoes is much different when compared with BNIB or BNWB. Usually, this type has a cheaper price. This is because the delivery process does not pass customs. So it is not taxable and the delivery process is not through any distributor. Just like BNWB, the label size is usually “fake”.

So, it takes extra foresight to find out which sneaker shoes are original or not.

Well, that was tips before buying sneaker shoes online. Good luck!…

Tricks Use Long Earrings Accessories

Until now, there are various types of accessories that girls use to complement their appearance. Starting from necklaces, bags, watches, belts, bandanas, to other accessories. Well, the trend that is developing now is a long earrings accessory. Or the so-called drop earring is loved by the girls.


Drop earring is a long earring that hangs from ear to almost touching the shoulder. These accessories do not just give statements because of the size of the eye-catching. But it also gives a new nuance when dangling just above the shoulder. Until now, long ear trends have a variety of unique and interesting ornaments such as beads, metal, plastic to ceramics.

Well, if you want to appear contemporary with the use of long earrings, it’s good to follow the following tricks:

Know Your Face Form

Before using long earrings, you should first identify the shape of your face. If you have a round face shape, avoid using long earrings with one eye or heavy pendulum. Because it will give the impression your face is getting around. Wear a long pendulum with no pendulum that will show the impression of the neck level. Another case if the shape of your face oval, would be easier to mix and match long earrings with any detail.

No need to Wear a Necklace

Given the long earrings, you wear is enough to give a statement in your appearance. Then you do not need to bother wearing other accessories, especially necklaces. Especially if the clothes you wear is patterned or full of accents. Simply wear long earrings that match with the clothes. Hairstyles to better emphasize the statement of the long earrings.

Choose a Simple Pendulum

You must be smart to choose drop earring to impress your look elegant, not excessive. For example, if you want to wear a super long earring to hang over your shoulders. Should choose a pendulum that is simple and not too big, or even without pendulum at all.

Wear Sparkling Color Earrings

To impress the feminine and glamorous look, wear long earrings with metallic colors like gold and silver. In order to look contrast, you can wear a dress or kebaya with neutral colors harmonious with the earrings. If you’re confident enough with a low-cut, low-waisted, high-gloss earrings can add a graceful look to your appearance.

Wear a Lightweight Earring Drop

Long earning is not only suitable to complement the formal look or party. You who want a casual style can also. However, the election can not arbitrarily. Use lightweight earrings or long earrings with tassel accents. There are many tassel long earring models on the market. Starting from the plain, glossy pendulum at the edges, to the piles of colorful.

Wear Colorful Colorful Earrings Accessories

No need to hesitate to wear long nuanced pop earrings with refreshing colors. The key, wear a dress with a neutral color because, in essence, you will make this long earring as his statement. For the hairdo, it would be better if you pony or dribble it up. It’s so as not to block the eye to focus on your attractive earring drop.…

Nude Vogue Retailer

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Want to Traveling, But Confused Choose the Right Travel Backpack?

The limited number of luggage on airplane and train passengers is certainly no stranger. Usually, the limit is determined based on the weight of the luggage that cannot exceed several tens of kilograms for free baggage fees, and the rest there is a certain tariff charged.
However, this luggage will contribute to the comfort of your trip, so it is important to make sure all needs can be met properly during the trip, while still saving baggage costs.
So that luggage can be packaged properly, you need a Travel Backpack or the right bag.. This means that all your needs can be met in a suitcase or bag well during the trip. This is important to note from the beginning, because the security of these items depends on the durability and quality of the bags and luggage used.

Do not let you experience problems on the trip later, just because your suitcase or bag is damaged. Not only troublesome, but it will also waste a lot of valuable time that you have, right?

Then, how do you choose the right suitcase or bag? Here are tips on choosing the right suitcase or bag to accompany your trip:

1. Choose a suitcase or bag as needed

For a comfortable and enjoyable trip, make sure you bring the right and appropriate needs. The use of quality bags and suitcases is certainly a must do so that your required luggage can be carried away.

This is important, besides making your trip easier, it also avoids additional costs that you might incur for excess baggage. Do not let you have to spend a number of additional baggage fees just because you carry too many items that are actually not really needed when traveling.

Choose the size of the suitcase or bag according to the length of your trip later. If the duration of your trip takes a long time, you can use a suitcase or bag of a larger size than just a short trip.

2. Choose the Right Material

If you see the fact that the suitcase will accommodate your various items and get into the trunk of the plane, it’s clear you have to choose good quality material. A suitcase or bag made of polycarbonate (a kind of hard and strong plastic) that is lightweight, quite feasible as an option. But the suitcase of this type of hard case is indeed vulnerable to damage during the transport process.

Other materials that you can consider are a suitcase or bag with a type of soft case made of nylon or polyester. In general, materials like this will be easier to carry for each trip, can even be carried and easily into the cabin. But whatever the material of your suitcase and bag, make sure the suitcase or bag is waterproof and can keep items dry during the trip.

3. The Right Size and Capacity

In choosing a suitcase or bag, make sure you can load all your luggage, so it’s important to choose the most appropriate size. If necessary, you can have a suitcase or bag of various sizes, so that at any time it is necessary to stay using it as needed, adjusting the length of your trip.

In general, the size of a suitcase or bag in the trunk is calculated in centimeters (length x width x height) starting from the wheels of the suitcase to the surface of the suitcase. Here are some sizes of luggage that are generally used for traveling, including:

  • 16 “(30x17x47 cm)

This suitcase is usually carried into the cabin and generally can be used for short trips of around 1-3 days

  • 20 “(37x22x56 cm)

This medium sized suitcase can make quite a lot of goods, even up to 16 kg

  • 22 “(38x22x48 cm)

Still in medium size, this one suitcase can also carry around 16-20 kg of luggage

  • 24 “(43x23x63 cm)

Entering in medium size, this suitcase can hold large quantities of luggage, up to 26 kg

  • 28 “(47x32x73 cm)

This suitcase comes in a large size and can hold around 35 kg of luggage

  • 32 “(51x35x81 cm)

This suitcase is in a large category. So it is more suitable if indeed the duration of your trip takes a very long time

4. Select the Wheel and Secure a Good Suitcase

Although traveling with a lot of luggage, you certainly do not want to experience obstacles when carrying / moving a suitcase. For this reason, identify the types of wheels in the suitcase or bag when buying, including the type of four-wheeled suitcase (spinner) and the type of two-wheeled suitcase (upright).

Of course the suitcase with spinner wheels will be easier to move, even though the load inside is quite heavy, plus there is an additional burden that is usually located on top of it …

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Style Show Runway

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How to Tame Your Grizzly Beard like a Pro


If you are starting out for the first time, it would be best you invest in a 5 blade system razor. These top of the line of razors will give you the edge you need to get rid of hair in places where they should not be. Rest assured, you will get those perfect beard styles you always dreamt about, albeit it will require some effort and research on your part.

When it comes to grooming your beard, you may have a hard time doing so if you don’t know about some tricks to make it a breeze. At the same time, you also want to make sure your beard looks amazing no matter what style you opt for. To aid you in your cause, here are some tips that will allow you to tame your beard like a pro.

Be Patient

You can get an epic beard through self-restraint. When you start growing your beard for the first time, resist the temptation to style or trim, leave it as it is for a couple of weeks or so. By doing so, you will give your beard the opportunity to grow evenly. Once you have a proper beard to work with, you can style it any way you want it, no matter the thickness or length.

Your Beard must match your Face

When it comes to trimming your beard, you can’t just get away with any style you can think of. You will need to find a style that will match your face shape. Not only will your beard look great, but so will you.

Here is a chart to help you find out what kind of style will work best for you.

Know when to Trim

Trimming is essential for a groomed beard. You should spend a good amount of money on a quality trimmer, after which you will need to find the right technique to achieve your ultimate goal.

You will find tutorials here for keeping your beard cropped or growing it long.

Wash your Beard Regularly

During the early stages of beard growth, skin cells and trapped food can cause itchiness. To prevent this from happening, you will need to scrub your beard with a cleanser every week, and then pat it dry gently. Overdoing the drying bit can cause split ends and frizz, so be careful.

Invest in Beard Oil

Nothing comes close to using beard oil regularly to keep your beard fit as a fiddle. Of course, there are many different types to choose from, but most of them will condition your facial hair to make them shinier and softer.

Train your Beard

A regular trim every now and then will maintain your preferred shape, but that is not the only way to keep your beard in check. You can always use a beard brush or comb to rubdown your beard daily. This will allow you to deal with stubborn hairs effectively, training them to grow in the direction you want, preferably downwards.

To take things up a notch, a soft-hold style will do wonders for you, giving you the sculpting power you need to tame your beard with ease.

Pay Equal Amount of Attention to your Moustache

An epic beard can’t possibly be complete with a moustache. For it to look neat, trim the area directly under your nose with a pair of scissors. For your moustache to be naturally sculpted, don’t hesitate from using medium-hold wax either.

Eat Right

Just like you can’t build a house with the much needed supplies, the same concept applies to your facial hair too. Since your beard is made from fat and protein, all the while being reliant on Vitamins B9, B3 and B5, you will need to fix your diet pronto. Your diet should comprise of milk, leafy greens, egg yolks, nuts and lean meats.

Taming your beard like a pro may seem a bit overwhelming at first, but with the right tools, not to mention dedication to the cause, you will get the type of beard you have always wanted.

Hopefully, the steps mentioned above have given you everything you need to tame your grizzly beard. So what are you waiting for, Christmas?…

Perfect Flower Choices for Summer Celebrations

Summer is a season that offers ample opportunities for the purpose of sending flowers for any occasion be it birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc. Some of the best flowers for summer celebrations are chrysanthemums, roses, cymbidiums, alstroemeria, carnations, tulips, lilies, sunflowers etc. If you are wondering the type of summer flowers to choose for the various summer celebrations, here is a roundup of the same.

Mother’s Day: Mother’s Day is one of the major summer celebrations. The popularly used flowers for the celebration of Mother’s Day are tulips, alstroemeria, chrysanthemums, lilies, freesias, cymbidiums etc. Send flowers to Bangalore on the occasion of Mother’s Day and pleasantly surprise here.

With the rising popularity of the various e-commerce stores sending online flowers in Bangalore has become a breeze. Customers can select the appropriate flowers such as pink carnations or white lilies from the comfort of their home. They can choose the type of floral arrangement and size of the bouquet according to their requirement.

Father’s Day: Father’s Day is another memorable summer celebration that is commemorated all over the world with a lot of fervour and zest. Do not be upset if you are not with your father this summer. You can send online flowers in Noida with the help of an e-store.

Some of the popular flowers to be given on Father’s Day are gerbera, roses, orchids, lilies, chrysanthemums, sunflowers and daisies. You could opt for the ‘Express Delivery’ or midnight delivery service for delivering the flowers to your father right on Father’s Day.

Anniversary: Summer is the season for weddings and anniversaries. Some of the most popular anniversary flowers available are peony, rose, daisy, Calla lily, succulent, baby’s breath, ranunculus etc. Peonies look wonderful when teamed with cream-coloured blooms and eucalyptus.

Peonies are basically red, white or pink and are also available in hues of mahogany, yellow and coral. Roses are undeniably the best flowers for anniversaries and weddings. Nothing can be compared to the purity and beauty of the classic red roses. Apart from red, roses are available in a plethora of types, colours, and sizes. With the help of e-stores now you can easily send online flowers in Noida with a few hours.

Birthday: You would find ample choices of flowers to choose from to send to your loved ones. A few of the most sought-after birthday flowers are carnations, gerberas, daisies, pansies, roses, and chrysanthemums. One of the most popular flowers is the roses which are available in an array of sizes and colours. Send flowers to Bangalore on your sister’s birthday and make her feel on the top of the world.

The cheery bright chrysanthemums make another perfect summer flower to be gifted on the occasion of birthdays. Nothing can be compared to the beauty and the elegance of the pink carnations which are considered ideal birthday flowers. The gerbera daisies are available in peppy shades and prove to be popular birthday flowers.

For any summer festival or occasion, be it baby shower party, anniversaries, birthdays or Mother Day celebration, the best place to find stylishly crafted bouquets is at

The store offers a multitude of floral arrangements and enables customers to send online flowers in Gurgaon. They have tie-ups with proficient Express Delivery service providers and hence can send fresh birthday or anniversary flowers overseas and all over India within a couple of hours.

Tips to follow in order to buy a good gift

Choosing a good gift is not easy. Remember how many questions arise before us when we receive an invitation for a birthday, wedding or other significant event. In this article we will try to figure out how not to make a mistake when choosing a gift. The most important thing is to learn a few rules and tips when choosing a gift. Apart from these, there are various online portals from where you may get the corporate gift ideas.

  • A gift is an individual thing and it is necessary to approach the issue of choice with all responsibility.
  • It is good when the gift matches the hobby and hobbies of the person. Do not try to present the bait to the gamer, but to the woman who is interested in shopping, a book of culinary recipes. You only upset them. Give something that brings pleasure, or at least it will be useful
  • Do not miss the opportunity to find out what a person does not have and what he dreams about. To find out, carefully listen to the person you are choosing a gift for or find out from relatives or friends.
  • If you have a limited budget, you can buy a gift with friends. In this case, you will not only present a worthy gift, but also save others from unnecessary thoughts.
  • Do not give people something that can cause them negative emotions. For example, it will remind a person of his personal flaws. Do not try to give a bald wig, and full scales. For the same reason, do not give personal hygiene products. Perfume is another matter, but here you need to guess with preferences.
  • Difficulties may arise when choosing jewelry and things. It is very hard to guess what is best, especially if you are not very close.
  • If you are going to donate animals or an aquarium fish, be sure to ask him if this is appropriate. Not everyone is ready to take responsibility or have extra finance for this.
  • It is better to refrain from donating kitchen utensils. Many believe that you are ignoring femininity and individuality in this way.
  • It should not be forgotten that in every country there are many superstitions regarding gifts. Never give the Chinese a watch, it means inviting them to a funeral. If we have a knife is considered an unacceptable gift, then in the East only the most respected men are rewarded with such a gift. In order to buy, personalized windbreakers, you may always take the help of the internet.

 The material value is immaterial

Despite all the above tips and rules, the main thing in the gift is not material value. It often happens that the content of the gift box is not as important as with what emotions and mood the gift was presented. Be original, call for help ingenuity and sense of humor.…