4 Tips for Staying Safe When Going for a Run

Running is an excellent form of exercise. While you can run on a treadmill in your home or at a gym, there’s something refreshing about running outdoors. The fresh air and scenery can make the experience much more enjoyable than being surrounded by four walls. If you plan to run outdoors, however, you need to take proper precautions. Here are four tips to help you stay safe when you go for your run.

Keep the Volume Down

There’s something about music that makes exercise easier. While you might want to turn up the volume, you need to keep it down. Doing so will help you stay more aware of your surroundings. You’ll be able to hear cars, other runners, and everything else around you.

Make Yourself Visible

Don’t assume that others see you when you’re running. Make yourself visible. If it’s early in the morning or starting to get dark, wear something reflective so others will know that you’re there.

Carry Some Protection

Running alone, regardless of whether you’re a man or woman, can make you a target. Carry something to protect yourself with. If you have your conceal carry permit, wear concealed carry clothing for runners and take your weapon with you. You may also consider carrying mace or keeping your keys within easy reach. Don’t forget your phone, too.

Go with a Friend

If you can, enlist a friend to go running with you. Not only will running with a buddy allow you to keep one another accountable, but it’ll also make you less of a target than if you were to run alone. Plus, having someone with you is just more fun.

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Going for a run is a great way to burn off some steam (and some extra calories!). It keeps your mind and body healthy. Just make sure that if you run outdoors, you take the appropriate measures to do so safely.