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A 10-Point Plan for Packages (Without Being Overwhelmed)

How to Create Good Product Packaging

Having an outstanding brand is a way to be successful in the manufacturing business.

There are a lot of thing written about branding and making your brand the best in the industry. If you want to learn about branding your products than there are many experts who have written articles about this. When it comes to influencing the buying decisions of consumers there is one sure thing that plays a very important role and that is brand packaging.

If you find yourself facing a shelf with same product items but different brands, what product would you likely choose from the selection? You judge items on a shelf by brand packaging first before you even look at its quality and its price.

You can expect consumers to pick up your product first if it comes with great packaging and design which clearly show how it can meet your consumer’s needs and wants. So how can you make your brand packaging stand out from your competition? Below are some tips in brand packaging.

It is important to have a name that catches their attention; it can be something original, humorous, short, easy to remembers and lets consumers know exactly what the product is. When your product name has these qualities, you can surely catch the attention of consumers.

If you want your buyers to chose your products first then you should make your packaging’s’ overall look and design something truly attractive. Use of colors, typography, simplicity, balance of white space, use of images or illustrations are just some of the many things that can help your package get the attention of consumers. If not done correctly, your packaging can cost much so do it well and correctly. You can hire an experienced graphic designer or supplement your efforts with a marketing experts who understands brand packaging.

If by your packaging you are able to engage and connect to your target customers needs, wants, and specific lifestyle, then they will surely take time to examine your product and most likely buy it too. Your packaging message should be more on how your customers will benefit from it instead of what the products features are. Inform them how your product will solve a problem or a need. The product packaging should be able to speak out for itself since there are no sales persons in big store chains.

If you are using a box then you should not end with a good design, but make it one that will function as a good home for your product, where people can keep their product secure. If you need help then you can seek the services of an experienced packaging designer or a packaging engineers and make them come up with a design that is able to withstand shipping.

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