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4 Tips for Staying Safe When Going for a Run

Running is an excellent form of exercise. While you can run on a treadmill in your home or at a gym, there’s something refreshing about running outdoors. The fresh air and scenery can make the experience much more enjoyable than being surrounded by four walls. If you plan to run outdoors, however, you need to take proper precautions. Here are four tips to help you stay safe when you go for your run.

Keep the Volume Down

There’s something about music that makes exercise easier. While you might want to turn up the volume, you need to keep it down. Doing so will help you stay more aware of your surroundings. You’ll be able to hear cars, other runners, and everything else around you.

Make Yourself Visible

Don’t assume that others see you when you’re running. Make yourself visible. If it’s early in the morning or starting to get dark, wear something reflective so others will know that you’re there.

Carry Some Protection

Running alone, regardless of whether you’re a man or woman, can make you a target. Carry something to protect yourself with. If you have your conceal carry permit, wear concealed carry clothing for runners and take your weapon with you. You may also consider carrying mace or keeping your keys within easy reach. Don’t forget your phone, too.

Go with a Friend

If you can, enlist a friend to go running with you. Not only will running with a buddy allow you to keep one another accountable, but it’ll also make you less of a target than if you were to run alone. Plus, having someone with you is just more fun.

Going for a run is a great way to burn off some steam (and some extra calories!). It keeps your mind and body healthy. Just make sure that if you run outdoors, you take the appropriate measures to do so safely.…

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Colored Gold: The Jewelry Trend You Won’t Want To Miss

Peach, sage, honey, violet: While these words may conjure thoughts of gardening, cooking or painting your bedroom, they actually represent shades of gold used for making jewelry. When gold is mixed with metals such as copper, nickel or silver, a rainbow of colored gold alloys emerge:

  • Yellow gold
  • White gold
  • Rose gold
  • Gray gold
  • Green gold
  • Spangold

In the United States, these colorful types of gold can be classified according to their point of origin.

Domestic Gold Alloy Jewelry

Domestic colored gold is ordinarily associated with Black Hills gold jewelry. The classic tricolor design originated in South Dakota during the Gold Rush and has since maintained its relevance in the fine jewelry scene. Yellow, rose, green, and sometimes white gold highlight the Black Hills design’s signature elements — grape clusters, vines and leaves. The demand for colorful, nature-inspired gold jewelry designs, combined with American-made appeal, suggest jewelry lovers may be asking where to buy Black Hills gold well into the future.

International Contributions

Many international jewelry trends eventually arrive in the United States. White gold dates back to 1710 Germany, for instance, and rose gold, worn initially by 1800s Russian royalty, reached the United States in the 1920s. Despite the here-and-gone nature of jewelry trends, colored gold continues to thrive. For example, classic Italian rose, white, and yellow gold designs currently grace fashion runways worldwide. These romantic rose hues are even being incorporated into wedding and engagement rings.

Rare Gold Alloys

There’s more to colored gold than just those six categories outlined above, however. A handful of rare gold alloys are also popular jewelry choices. Singapore is known for its glamorous purple gold, for example, which is quite brittle but works beautifully for inlay styles. Black gold involves one of the most complicated alchemical processes, making it the rarest jewelry alloy around.

Now that you know enough about gold options to navigate a cocktail party, consider exploring the rainbow of gold alloy jewelry. A unique strawberry blush watch or a tricolor gold ring might be perfect for your next gift-giving opportunity.…

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Choosing the Right Motorcycle Gear

The right motorcycle gear is vital to a safe ride. There are many factors to consider, including weather conditions, visibility, and comfort. While it may be expensive, it is an investment that will protect you for many years to come. There are many choices out there, and although the options may feel overwhelming, here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect motorcycle gear for you.


A good quality helmet is the most important gear you can have. Full face helmets provide the best level of protection and can help with visibility. It is also important to choose the right size, as they can vary widely between manufacturers. Visit a store in-person, and make sure you buy new from a reputable dealer. Replace your helmet when the attachments, glue, and padding become worn or loose.


While fashion is always an important consideration, your motorcycle jacket needs to be made specifically to protect you against weather and crashes. Check the CE rating of the clothing you are considering and look for extra armor around the shoulders, elbows, and back. Ensure you are choosing the right size. If you are of a smaller build, there are womens motorcycle jackets available to protect you when you ride.


You need to have protection for your hands without compromising on flexibility and usability. Consider matching the type of riding you’ll be doing with the style and level of protection you’ll want from your gloves. Look for strong stitching and abrasion-resistant material and remember that you’ll need complete control of your motorcycle’s operations.

There are many other pieces of equipment that will protect you while you ride, including boots and pants. Having the right gear can help protect against inclement weather and crashes. With the right protection, riding a motorcycle can be extremely rewarding while remaining safe.…

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Sharp Dressed Man

You’ve been invited to a formal occasion and you have nothing to wear. A tuxedo would make you look sharp but where do you start? From pressed pants to a colorful pocket square, here are the items you will need to pick up for your night on the town.

The Jacket

Once you step into the tuxedo shop, the first thing to check out is the jackets. There are many different styles of suit coats available. What will work best for you will be determined greatly by your body style. You can choose from a shawl, peaked or notch lapel and an assorted number of buttons to close it. Be aware that the shoulders don’t stick out too far and that the back of the jacket lays correct against you when the coat is closed. Also make sure that it isn’t too long, giving the appearance of being too large.

The Pants

Although the suit coat might catch someone’s eye, the trousers in a tuxedo need to be sleek and stylish as well. You will need to be fitted to ensure that the pants are comfortable when you sit or stand. The satin strip along the outer seam gives it a formal look that typical dress slacks cannot. You might be a fan of back pockets in your jeans, but don’t expect them in your tuxedo trousers.

The Shirt

The big debate with a dress shirt is the type of collar. A wing collar is meant to go with a tuxedo and works well with a bow tie if that is what you choose to wear. A spread collar is a little less formal than the wing collar but may look better depending on the appearance you are trying to achieve. You will also have to choose between pleats, which give a more formal look, or a plain shirt which might be better for you.…

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Three Types Of Healing Crystals

It is believed by many that crystals possess vibrations that bring healing powers and properties to the wearer. Wearing crystals in the form of jewelry, such as angel wing earring studs or healing crystal pendants can bring the wearer a symbol of hope, faith, love, and protection.

Each crystal has a unique healing gift, and it is important to choose crystals that align with your healing intentions, or that you are naturally drawn to. You can also set an intention in your crystal, gemstone, or silver jewelry, in order to use it as a tool to help harness the energy you need from the universe. Simply state your intention aloud while putting on your piece of healing crystal jewelry.

Below are three common crystals and their healing properties.

Amethyst: Protection

Amethyst can act as a shield for the wearer, helping to deflect negative energy. This protective stone can not only help to guard you from negative energies you, but it can also help you to dispel anxiety, anger, and other negative emotions brought on by your environment. Amethyst is also known to bring the wearer feelings of peace and tranquility.

Silver: Amplification

Silver is a powerful stone, as it acts as an electrical conductor and reflective element. Wearing silver can help to amplify the energy of the wearer. You can set an intention into your silver stone or jewelry, such as healing, love, or protection, and this intention will be boosted, strengthened and amplified. Silver can also shield you from negativity, and help you bring you peace, harmony, and balance.

Emerald: Good Fortune

Emerald is known as a “lucky” gem, and helps to bring good fortune to its wearer. Those who wear emerald can expect to attract energies of healing, regeneration, and recovery. Emerald can help to dissipate negative or low vibrational energies. Emerald can also help to open your heart chakra, bringing energies of kindness, forgiveness, and understanding to the wearer.…

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The Top 5 Gucci Watches of 2019

Since re-entering the watch market in the late 1990s, Gucci has maintained a strong focus on opulent, unique design and unparalleled Swiss craftsmanship. From tasteful and timeless classics to more daring, modern timepieces that define the brand’s dedication to creating fashion-forward products, Gucci watches are unlike any other.

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Today, the Italian fashion house offers a much wider variety of styles in their watch range. In this post, we’ll take a look at the five best Gucci watches that you can pick up in 2019. Whether you want something formal and discrete for business meetings or a more eccentric styling for nights out, Gucci likely has a timepiece with your name on it.

Gucci Quartz Gold

The combination of the nylon strap and a gold-toned case strikes a unique contrast between classic and modern sports style with this recent Gucci offering. The anti-reflective sapphire crystal face and nylon strap make this watch ideal for sports such as surfing, canoeing, and sailing.

The minimal case back features nothing more than the iconic embroidered bee motif, along with two gold-toned hands. While nylon may not be the most elegant choice of strap material, the iconic green and red stripe and golden accents help add a sense of sophistication to the rugged strap design.

Gucci G-Timeless Leather

The G-Timeless range is available in a variety of flavors, with our favorite being the black and gold leather-strapped model. It features a similar polished yellow gold casing to the Quartz version mentioned above, but with a more intricate combination of decorations.

This includes the bee motif, along with a monogram of stars on the face and strap. If you’re looking to pick up any of the models from the G-Timeless range, head over to Trocadero Time and search for a luxury watch Thailand for the best prices on Gucci watches.

Gucci Quartz Leather

The navy blue leather offering from the Quartz range is reminiscent of the interior of a Rolls Royce. It looks and feels extremely opulent without being loud. The refined silver casing helps the GG-monogram embossed leather found on the strap and face shine, while the bee-sporting Gucci logo sits discreetly at the top of the face.

Gucci G-Timeless Silver

Clean, sophisticated, and versatile, the silver-toned G-Timeless watch is ideal for those who want Gucci craftsmanship without any loud branding. But don’t let the intricate design fool you, as the watch is still waterproof down to 165 feet and the chain-link metal strap is set to last a lifetime if taken care of.

Gucci G-Chrono White

If the rugged, Casio G-shock-esque casing is your style of choice, the G-Chrono offers a similar design while still feeling refined and opulent. Our color of choice has to be all white, as it gives the watch a sci-fi feel and blends well with the silver accents found on the face and dials. Retro appeal and space-age styling make for a truly unique timepiece.


Regardless of your preferences when it comes to style and materials, it’s clear that Gucci has something to suit everyone’s tastes. Take care of your watch and it will serve as a worthwhile investment for decades to come.

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Want to Traveling, But Confused Choose the Right Travel Backpack?

The limited number of luggage on airplane and train passengers is certainly no stranger. Usually, the limit is determined based on the weight of the luggage that cannot exceed several tens of kilograms for free baggage fees, and the rest there is a certain tariff charged.
However, this luggage will contribute to the comfort of your trip, so it is important to make sure all needs can be met properly during the trip, while still saving baggage costs.
So that luggage can be packaged properly, you need a Travel Backpack or the right bag.. This means that all your needs can be met in a suitcase or bag well during the trip. This is important to note from the beginning, because the security of these items depends on the durability and quality of the bags and luggage used.

Do not let you experience problems on the trip later, just because your suitcase or bag is damaged. Not only troublesome, but it will also waste a lot of valuable time that you have, right?

Then, how do you choose the right suitcase or bag? Here are tips on choosing the right suitcase or bag to accompany your trip:

1. Choose a suitcase or bag as needed

For a comfortable and enjoyable trip, make sure you bring the right and appropriate needs. The use of quality bags and suitcases is certainly a must do so that your required luggage can be carried away.

This is important, besides making your trip easier, it also avoids additional costs that you might incur for excess baggage. Do not let you have to spend a number of additional baggage fees just because you carry too many items that are actually not really needed when traveling.

Choose the size of the suitcase or bag according to the length of your trip later. If the duration of your trip takes a long time, you can use a suitcase or bag of a larger size than just a short trip.

2. Choose the Right Material

If you see the fact that the suitcase will accommodate your various items and get into the trunk of the plane, it’s clear you have to choose good quality material. A suitcase or bag made of polycarbonate (a kind of hard and strong plastic) that is lightweight, quite feasible as an option. But the suitcase of this type of hard case is indeed vulnerable to damage during the transport process.

Other materials that you can consider are a suitcase or bag with a type of soft case made of nylon or polyester. In general, materials like this will be easier to carry for each trip, can even be carried and easily into the cabin. But whatever the material of your suitcase and bag, make sure the suitcase or bag is waterproof and can keep items dry during the trip.

3. The Right Size and Capacity

In choosing a suitcase or bag, make sure you can load all your luggage, so it’s important to choose the most appropriate size. If necessary, you can have a suitcase or bag of various sizes, so that at any time it is necessary to stay using it as needed, adjusting the length of your trip.

In general, the size of a suitcase or bag in the trunk is calculated in centimeters (length x width x height) starting from the wheels of the suitcase to the surface of the suitcase. Here are some sizes of luggage that are generally used for traveling, including:

  • 16 “(30x17x47 cm)

This suitcase is usually carried into the cabin and generally can be used for short trips of around 1-3 days

  • 20 “(37x22x56 cm)

This medium sized suitcase can make quite a lot of goods, even up to 16 kg

  • 22 “(38x22x48 cm)

Still in medium size, this one suitcase can also carry around 16-20 kg of luggage

  • 24 “(43x23x63 cm)

Entering in medium size, this suitcase can hold large quantities of luggage, up to 26 kg

  • 28 “(47x32x73 cm)

This suitcase comes in a large size and can hold around 35 kg of luggage

  • 32 “(51x35x81 cm)

This suitcase is in a large category. So it is more suitable if indeed the duration of your trip takes a very long time

4. Select the Wheel and Secure a Good Suitcase

Although traveling with a lot of luggage, you certainly do not want to experience obstacles when carrying / moving a suitcase. For this reason, identify the types of wheels in the suitcase or bag when buying, including the type of four-wheeled suitcase (spinner) and the type of two-wheeled suitcase (upright).

Of course the suitcase with spinner wheels will be easier to move, even though the load inside is quite heavy, plus there is an additional burden that is usually located on top of it …