Colored Gold: The Jewelry Trend You Won’t Want To Miss

Peach, sage, honey, violet: While these words may conjure thoughts of gardening, cooking or painting your bedroom, they actually represent shades of gold used for making jewelry. When gold is mixed with metals such as copper, nickel or silver, a rainbow of colored gold alloys emerge:

  • Yellow gold
  • White gold
  • Rose gold
  • Gray gold
  • Green gold
  • Spangold

In the United States, these colorful types of gold can be classified according to their point of origin.

Domestic Gold Alloy Jewelry

Domestic colored gold is ordinarily associated with Black Hills gold jewelry. The classic tricolor design originated in South Dakota during the Gold Rush and has since maintained its relevance in the fine jewelry scene. Yellow, rose, green, and sometimes white gold highlight the Black Hills design’s signature elements — grape clusters, vines and leaves. The demand for colorful, nature-inspired gold jewelry designs, combined with American-made appeal, suggest jewelry lovers may be asking where to buy Black Hills gold well into the future.

International Contributions

Many international jewelry trends eventually arrive in the United States. White gold dates back to 1710 Germany, for instance, and rose gold, worn initially by 1800s Russian royalty, reached the United States in the 1920s. Despite the here-and-gone nature of jewelry trends, colored gold continues to thrive. For example, classic Italian rose, white, and yellow gold designs currently grace fashion runways worldwide. These romantic rose hues are even being incorporated into wedding and engagement rings.

Rare Gold Alloys

There’s more to colored gold than just those six categories outlined above, however. A handful of rare gold alloys are also popular jewelry choices. Singapore is known for its glamorous purple gold, for example, which is quite brittle but works beautifully for inlay styles. Black gold involves one of the most complicated alchemical processes, making it the rarest jewelry alloy around.

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Now that you know enough about gold options to navigate a cocktail party, consider exploring the rainbow of gold alloy jewelry. A unique strawberry blush watch or a tricolor gold ring might be perfect for your next gift-giving opportunity.