Create Lasting Photo Memory Cards

Gone are the days of basic hand-written cards with bland sayings scripted inside. There is no longer a need for basic invitations, announcements or thank you cards. Technological advances have made drastic progress possible when it comes to customizing creative cards, including a custom graduation announcement. You can now send a true piece of art that will be saved and cherished for years to come.
There are many online photo card creation sites that feature many design options. The options often include print, font, card texture, graphics and card quality. Some cards are created on basic card stock paper while others are on more lavish foil cards. Another card trend that has been gaining popularity is magnetic cards. These cards come with several design options as well that ensure their longevity and enjoyment.

Cardstock cards are often available in the traditional 4×6, 5×7, 5×5, 3.5×5 and 4×8 sizes. These cards can be designed to the order placers preference and often feature photos, printed information, and a catchy background design. Cardstock cards have gained popularity as Christmas cards. Often families will display pictures as a photo collage on these cards and mail them out with a joyous seasonal wish to their family and loved ones. Sometimes the wow factor will be upped and foil cards will be used. Recipients of these cards now have a photo keepsake they can scrapbook or file away from their loved ones. It is nice to collect these and see how people have changed over the years.

Foil cards have gained popularity for wedding invitations. These beautiful cards are elegant and cost-effective. Many brides are turning away from costly wedding invitations and putting more focus on the celebration rather than the paper. These cards can display a photo of the bride and groom to be as well as important information about the ceremony. These cards are also commonly used as thank you cards for gifts received from bridal and wedding showers. The foil design provides a much-needed pop of elegance to truly depict the importance and appreciation of the gift the recipient is being thanked for.

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Magnet cards are a fun new way to send invitations to birthday, casual and work parties. These cards sometimes come with perforated portions that actually break away. The invitation is the main portion of the card and then little pieces break away and can be used to decorate a magnetic surface. Kids cards will often have alphabet letters or numbers that breakaway, business-themed magnetic cards may have tiny pictures of things that are relative to the business that breaks away. Something as simple as a barbeque invite may have tiny pictures of grills or hamburgers and hot dogs that break away. These invitations provide both functions for future use and the uniqueness of the invitation doubling as a magnet.

Creating a personalized invitation can be a fun and enjoyable task. You can let your creative juice flow while you design the perfect card. It is fun to arrange photos in a virtual college and select the proper fond and text size for the invitation. You will find yourself bored with pre-boxed store-bought cards once you embrace these creative and fun customized photo cards.