6 Coffin Nail Designs That are Must-Try

A Bombshell Alert!-Coffin Nail Designs That are on Trend Right Now

Many nail designs come and go. However, for the coffin nail designs, the story is different. They came and stayed, and we don’t see any possibility of this beautiful and famous art design exiting the nail fashion industry. They are also called ballerina nails and are mostly supported with most fashion divas such as Rihanna and Kim Kardashians.

As a modern fashion, this nail art designs look more beautiful on whites reds and nudes accented with gold and any other glittering hues. Some of the most dominant designs are glossy and matte nails. Browse down to see some examples of coffin nails. Find more here on how to style them.

  1. Maroon Coffin Nail Design

Maroon hue has always been a plus colour when you rock it on your long or short nails. When this colour is used on the coffin nails, the look is stunningly beautiful, and it even looks gorgeous when you include rhinestones and some white strikes.

  1. Shimmery Coffin Nail Art Design

This employs a V-shaped nail art. The chevron nail art has always been on trend, and by embellishing them with gold shimmer and nude nails, they give you an excellent combination, hence great design that you will surely love.

  1. Cheetah Coffin Nails

The blend of shiny blue, shimmery gold and studded grey and cheetah nails are the best to rock as you go for that evening Friday party. It is an extraordinary nail design that will leave everyone whispering whenever you move your hand a little bit. Why can’t you just make them do so by choosing this nail art design?

  1. The Zebra Striped Nail Art Design
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This nail design which shows the love for the wild is ever on trend. This is a must-try nail design this year if you want to rock something casual for your date.

  1. Chevron Pink And White Nails

White hue usually makes a great combo with pink and gold. The contemporary touch of chevron on one nail is a great motivation for you to try this beautiful design. It is one that will guarantee you several heads turns. Are you ready to surprise your girlfriends? Ready, let’s go…

  1. White Coffin Nails

Most coffin nails feature nudes and whites. However, you should enhance the look further, so it doesn’t look so obvious and boring. By opting to diamond white hue and thin coffin nails, you get a trendsetter design.

  1. Shiny Maroon Nails

The maroon colour is currently the colour trend-setter when it comes to nail designs. And when you choose to embellish it with the rhinestones and gold glitter, it gives you a favorite nail design that is envy for everyone. It is undoubtedly a worthy nail art design to try before this year ends.