The Trendiest Purple Hair Colour Ideas to Try This Year

Undoubtedly, purple hair colour is one of the coolest and hottest colour trends this year. It is a colour trend that has defied the rules of hairstyling, but what do you expect especially for these days where anything rocks and what is considered as a hit are the unique haircuts. Purple shade is a vibrant and unique colour that makes you stand out among the crowd. However, it is a hair hue for the bravest.

So, if you are a daring lady, or you just need to upgrade your current hairstyle with some vibrant and colourful tresses, go for colourful and dainty purple colour. It is characterised by a sexy and feminine look that will leave you looking like a dainty. See more articles here.

1.Trimmed Bob with Tints of Pink

This hairstyle with sensual lavender tresses is definitely alluring to the eye. However, you shouldn’t stop your search with only a single trendy and feminine look when you have so many possibilities. These tints of pastel pink shades are beautiful and when you add some trendy contrast and dimension, you get a ridiculously cute short hairstyle.

2.Lengthy Curly Ombre

The hair world has been obsessed by different hairstyles which are coming every day. A good example is this ombre purple hair colour. The elongated curly hair is adorable and sensual as well, and we all love the contrast created by this ombre.

3.Dark Purple-Straight Shoulder Length Haircut

This beautiful haircut exudes style and attitude at the same time. You can see it all over. Show off your inner diva using these dark purple hair hints, and throw in some purple lowlights and highlights to enhance dimension and volume.

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4.Purple Pixie Hairstyle with Side Bangs

This beautiful light pixie cut will leave you shining like a dainty. Yes, it will for sure! The beautiful DIY features a standard pixie haircut uplifted with shiny pastel purple hueing for an alluring finish. however, remember subtle eye makeup and pair it with cute pink lips so that they match.

5.Purple and Grey Curls

The combination of this grey and purple hair colour is just eye-appealing and cute. With some added loose and lovable curls, you get a glam look, that is girlish and super-rage style that is sure to turn several heads. Try it today and see this magic unravel on your head.

6.Light Purple Hair Colour with Water Braid

Undoubtedly, braids are appealing and look more feminine on any woman. However, when you throw on some bright purple manes to the entire hair mix, you have a haircut that is awe inspiring. Beautiful and sassy, the added super shortcut gives you a stunning femininity with subtle water braid.

7.Dark Pastel Purple with Grey

It is surprising that grey is trending hue this year. With that being said, the combo of grey and pastel purple gives you an otherwise sexy and trendy hairstyle sure to turn heads!