Three Types Of Healing Crystals

It is believed by many that crystals possess vibrations that bring healing powers and properties to the wearer. Wearing crystals in the form of jewelry, such as angel wing earring studs or healing crystal pendants can bring the wearer a symbol of hope, faith, love, and protection.

Each crystal has a unique healing gift, and it is important to choose crystals that align with your healing intentions, or that you are naturally drawn to. You can also set an intention in your crystal, gemstone, or silver jewelry, in order to use it as a tool to help harness the energy you need from the universe. Simply state your intention aloud while putting on your piece of healing crystal jewelry.

Below are three common crystals and their healing properties.

Amethyst: Protection

Amethyst can act as a shield for the wearer, helping to deflect negative energy. This protective stone can not only help to guard you from negative energies you, but it can also help you to dispel anxiety, anger, and other negative emotions brought on by your environment. Amethyst is also known to bring the wearer feelings of peace and tranquility.

Silver: Amplification

Silver is a powerful stone, as it acts as an electrical conductor and reflective element. Wearing silver can help to amplify the energy of the wearer. You can set an intention into your silver stone or jewelry, such as healing, love, or protection, and this intention will be boosted, strengthened and amplified. Silver can also shield you from negativity, and help you bring you peace, harmony, and balance.

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Emerald: Good Fortune

Emerald is known as a “lucky” gem, and helps to bring good fortune to its wearer. Those who wear emerald can expect to attract energies of healing, regeneration, and recovery. Emerald can help to dissipate negative or low vibrational energies. Emerald can also help to open your heart chakra, bringing energies of kindness, forgiveness, and understanding to the wearer.