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Car Auto Paint Restoration

Car repainting means applying a new paint that matches the original colour of the car in order to maintain its original state. One could be pushed by some reasons so as to restore the original paint. It could be due to an accident and the car gets some physical destructions. In addition the car could have been used for many years that thus the painting becomes pale or discoloured.

There are many shops and mechanics that deal with car paint restoration. Car owners do not have to do the job of repainting when people with the expertise are available.

The original colour and look of the car can be achieved through repainting. For auto paint restoration, one has to match the original colour of the car to the new paint. The technique of car repainting is easy. Below are procedures to follow when repainting a car.

Getting Ready To Repaint A car
This involves cleaning the working area. It means removing dirt and any other substances out of the surface that requires painting. Cleaning helps get rid of dirt, grease or road grime. One has to choose whether the painting is done on the outer surface only or together with the inner surface. If one only seeks to repaint the outer look then,the areas that do not require paint are masked. Atleast three types of paints are needed,primer coat,finish coat and clear coat. One also needs to have protective gears such as respirator. This prevents paint fumes to getting into ones respiratory system.

Scraping Off The Initial Car Paint
It the process that involves rubbing off the original paint of the car. It necessitates one to scrape off the old painting. One has to sand the car by hand back to bare metal with a perfect smooth finish. The process is time consuming. If one doesn’t have enough time,then sanding to achieve even smooth surface is done. One then completes the process by wiping the whole surface in order to clean the dust.

Preparing To Repaint The Surface
One has to make sure that all areas that do not require painting are covered well. This ensures that no overspraying is done. One also need to practice how spraying is done to avoid minor mistakes which could be costly.
Priming involves mixing primers with thinners in the recommended ratio of the paints. This is then applied on the surfaces evenly. The coating is applied two or three times.

The method comprises using a top coat once then applying a double coating of bright paint. The painting is left to cure for the given time.

It is less expensive compared to buying a new vehicle. It is a process that requires less effort and activities to be achieved.
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