Undercut Women Haircuts and The Best DIY To Undercut Your Hair

Long undercut women haircuts are an excellent way of taking your hairstyle to the next higher level for the new year. This look is not only bold but also amazingly approachable, appealing and low maintenance. Besides, long undercut haircuts are a great way of experimenting with traditional possibilities, and they can incorporate a plethora of relevant aesthetic to your look.

 If you don’t like a subculture, don’t fear anything! Long undercut women hairstyles can be astonishingly subtle and can be featured into a plethora of varying looks, be it chic and sophisticated or bohemian. So, whether you have decided to go to a salon or try DIY to have a new look, here we have five best long undercut women hairstyles for your inspiration.

  1. Punk Rock Purple Undercut

This bold and glowing long undercut women is an alluring song to lovers of violet. The pretty bangs are matched with a nape-level undercut for a gorgeous look. The long undercut makes it easy to hide the undercut when needed by simply creating a subtle wave or holding your bangs at the back with pins. Match it with costume jewelry and a choker for an electric look.

  1. Galactic Goddess

This is for those courageous ladies. This cosmic combination of vibrant colours and pattern is a sure-fire style to turn heads from some miles away. The lifted nape allows you to try popular and versatile hair tattoos. This delicate long undercut is ideal for ladies who are not hesitant in embracing countercultural aesthetic through the use of bold and whimsical textures.

  1. A Contrast of Shapes
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 These long-undercut women are simple and adorable at first glance, but when you look closely at it, it reveals the complexity of proportion and shape. The triangular buzz is the epicentre of this style. It is subtle but an abstract silhouette. A bluntly trimmed bang adds more layers of eclecticism, and the flowed wave includes an anticipated buoyancy. The natural ash brown hue allows the lines of this style to come up with their customised magic.

  1. Lavender Mandala Elongated Undercut

This is an exciting bohemian technique of a long undercut. Keep the look sexy by recreating an intricate tousle wave. This is like an enchanting little secret to achieving this hairstyle. For a quick show off, hold the hair up with pins, and create an intricate tousled wave, or collect the hair into a high ponytail. Grey and lavender colours blend seamlessly for a smooth look.

  1. Jet Black Glamour

This bold and charming long undercut women haircut looks ridiculously complicated. However, this is not the case. This undercut gives you an opportunity to experiment with a vibrant look without much hustle and attention to any detail. The trick to this haircut is confining the buzz to one side of the crown.